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Rolfing, Massage, and Movement Services

Welcome to the Core Renewal website.   At Core Renewal, Martha Pfleeger draws upon twenty five years of clinical experience to create personalized treatment programs specializing in Rolfing Structural Integration® and Laban Movement Analysis.   Martha is committed to lifelong learning.  Continuing education with Rolfing instructors, Laban Movement Analysts, osteopaths, chiropractors and functional neurologists help her to remain inspired and current. She blends soft tissue and joint mobilizations, subtle energy techniques, positional releases and guided visualization to invite postural reorganization and healing.  Movement coaching then empowers her clients to understand and access newfound potentials.  

Both Rolfing and Laban Movement Analysis draw upon the inherent power of full-body balance, connectivity, and coordination to promote physical healing and personal transformation.

What is Rolfing?


Rolfing is a system of bodywork which improves alignment of the body around its central, vertical axis in three-dimensional space. Various depths of pressure, traction and other techniques are skillfully applied to balance muscle groups, normalize joints, and improve the overall health of soft tissues. Clients participate by drawing breath and awareness into the areas being addressed, changing positions, stretching and creating movements to amplify the benefits.  In this way, Rolfing sessions are interactive, dynamic and co-creative. The approach can be modified to suit people of nearly all ages and levels of health.

Rolfing, Massage, and Movement ServicesRolfing, Massage, and Movement Services


Laban Movement Analysis is a comprehensive system of movement education.  Principles and patterns of coordination are taught which organize and simplify every activity. As these are mastered, clients generate self-healing and emanate inner confidence through proper body mechanics.  The functional integrity we awaken in our bodies is rewarded with greater resilience, comfort, enjoyment and longevity in the activities we love. 

Martha Pfleeger

Martha PfleegerMartha Pfleeger has been a practicing Rolfer in Portland since 1991. With a history as a professional dancer, Martha brings an intimate knowledge of body mechanics to her sessions, as well as a generosity of time and spirit. She is skilled in a number of different modalities, works with all age groups, and tailors each session to fit the needs of the individual.