Rolfing, Massage, and Movement Services

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Rolfing, Massage, and Movement Services
Rolfing, Massage, and Movement Services


Basic Ten Rolfing Series

  • Ten sessions to align and balance the entire body

Post-Ten Rolfing Sessions

  • Advanced sessions to further your healing and level of physical integration

Personalized Treatment Plans

  • Individual sessions or series designed to meet your treatment objectives drawing upon one or multiple modalities



The Bartenieff Fundamentals

  • Movement explorations to build body level awareness and mastery

The Developmental Sequence

  • Six neuromuscular patterns which underlie and organize all movement

Rolf Movement

  • Coaching to awaken and utilize the integrative movement potentials and fluidity Rolfing generates

Small Dance Exercise Classes

  • A fusion of Pilates-style strengthening, modern ballet barre, plus opportunities for improvisation and dancing to musical inspiration

Hours, Fees and Payment Options


(Two Sliding Fee Sessions Available Per Week)
Adults:  1.5 hours:  $  95.00
               2.0 hours:  $125.00
Children:    $50.00 - $85.00 


$50.00  Private Coaching
$12.50-25.00 Semi-private or Small Class

Cash     Checks     Debit & Credit Cards

plus, if preferred:

Some Insurance Coverage


Monday - Thursday
am - 8 pm 

10 am - 5 pm

Some Weekend Availability