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Rolfing, Massage, and Movement Services


Dr. Karen Wright, M.D.

I have known Ms. Pfleeger personally and professionally for more than five years.  I believe that her approach to patients with acute and chronic pain is inspired and tremendously effective.  Martha is an astute and intuitive therapist whose work is complementary to any allopathic or alternative form of care.  It is my opinion anyone suffering from a musculoskeletal condition would benefit.  I have seen her get tremendous results when other approaches have fallen short.  I have no reservations in recommending her to you as a partner in healing.

Annie: Longterm client, systemic myofascial pain sufferer

Years into our therapeutic relationship, Martha still enters each session with enthusiasm and nonjudgmental support toward my chronic pain condition. Her bodywork is so intelligent and natural. Usually I need massage therapy to manage my pain levels, but when necessary we interject Rolfing to reestablish my posture or to treat an injury. I appreciate her versatility and accepting nature.  

Bill: Serious cycling accident

I suffered a serious cycling accident. After twenty years of chronic neck pain and restriction due to scar tissue, I was ready to try anything. With coaxing, Martha agreed to co-create an approach using rubber-tipped, T-shaped bars to glide over thick bands in my neck and shoulders. It was an intense approach, but one I wanted and needed. I can turn my head further now. Similar work on the scar tissue around my pelvis accelerated my progress in my yoga practice.

Barb: Knee and lower leg pain

I have been severely limited by multiple knee injuries, surgeries and the strain of standing all day as an elementary school teacher. After two treatments and for the first time in years, I was able to walk around the track three times with my mother! In addition, Martha's movement cue to engage the power of my gluteal and hamstring muscles on the back of my lower body has empowered me to climb stairs with much less pain and undue stress on my knees.

Murrianna: Full-Body Stiffness and Discomfort

Stress in my life had taken its toll. Rolfing is giving me my life back. I can move again! I wish I had known about Rolfing after my car accident."